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A Junior Cameraman function, for which we expect that you are skilled in operating a variety of cameras, and that you have a good sense of lighting and movement to give your captures the right atmosphere and emotions!

→  Description

→  Our offer

- A passionate and dynamic team

- An industry standard salary

- Various possibilities for growth

- Top of class IT infrastructure

- Open and informal working cultur

- Personal support, such that you can excel

- AAA clients

→  Future team mates

  • An excited creative, that loves to learn, share and create
  • Has an ability to capture relevant moments across all industries and has extraordinary skills in at least one if not all of these: focus-pulling, driving [B], assisting on shoots/locations, studio errands management
  • Shows a demonstrable passion, curiosity and experience in delivering creative video content
  • Eager to continue to learn and evolve in other efficient and effective ways to make video content
  • Responsible, accountable, deeply passionate about their own personal interests and hobbies, and of course kind, compassionate and empathetic because you love the magic of collaboration
  • Bonus: Speaks Dutch

→  Our Expectations

  • Leading and assisting your team before, during, and after productions within our studio and externally on location with daring and disruptive confidence while respecting your own and the client’s boundaries
  • Working with a wide range and quality of video imagery - Turning that imagery into content assets built for individual platforms and audiences
  • Collaborating with our creative and strategy teams to create and manipulate video
  • Wrangling and rolling with your teammates to service rapid turnaround times, capture trending moments, interpreting, and acting on quantitative and qualitative results, all while keeping a clear, enthusiastic, and proactive attitude towards content creation

→  The Mission

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