How visual craftsmanship came to be.

This campaign, came into existence because of a simple reason. The birth of New Imaging. it caused us to think about what binds us as well as what makes us unique.

Unfortunately the word “passion” is so overused that we concluded we should find another way. By searching deep inside ourselves and discovering the key moments of our past that made us become a visual craftsmen we learned how to tell our own story of true passion!

The chapters of the New Imaging Co. story are chapters about our craftsmen and their memory of becoming one. While the final chapter dives into the entire story, and reveals to the world who we are and what we do at New Imaging Co.


As if there is more to see, as if I am bound to discover, another mystery.

A craftsman in photography is never satisfied with the obvious, initial appearance of what his eyes are seeing. Only after he explored what is in front of him thoroughly and finds a perspective which that would have never been found when using only a glimpse of his attention.


What better way, than to live to those expectations.

When you want to convey a feeling or a movement, you cannot just imagine. You will need to experience it yourself, you need to engage with it, to be as close as possible to the origin of the motion without risking to interfere with it and destroying its natural state. This way a craftsman in animation can assure to make the audience of his work, experience the same.


But now at last, i can look back at what i had and call it fun.

Our filming craftsmen are right there when it happens. They observe and feel what truly happens in that moment. By taking that time and always being ready. We don’t just capture what is happening in that moment. But capture the moment including the emotion. The closer it is to reality the more authentic that moment will be preserved for the future.


I will be me, I will bring forth, the greatest legacy.

At New Imaging Co. we do not believe in skills and talent being delivered to your doorstep at birth. Only true commitments, dedication, and hard training make your interests become your fortitude. Especially when drawing and illustrating a story one can never stop practicing.That is why we never settle for ‘good enough’. We strive every day for ‘more than expected’!


They are my ultimate entry to my un-denying fantasy.

Part of being a visual craftsman in this time, is that most of your work is creating bridges between reality and the digital world. Even when creations are purely in the digital space, they need to take the real into account. By realizing that the tiny things that barely anyone ever sees, fascinate your mind. You can take those fascinations and create stories that have no limits.


I now know that, from the moment you entitle yourself as a craftsmen.

This last chapter, concludes our story and with that reveals the red line through the short films. It tells the story of Visual Craftsmanship and what each of the chapters means for us. The result of all that hard work, is fullfilment. It the most important achievement for a visual craftsman. Finding fullfilment by embracing the reality. Finding fullfilment by making our audience truly experience with all their senses our creation as if they were right there. Our final chapter also reveals who we are and what it is we stand for. But it is not the end of the story. It is quite the opposite. Our story has just begun.

We are New Imaging Co.