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“Wow, what a trip. I get the feeling that I was there myself.”

Such reactions to our aftermovie production for Planet Arts Medialab's festival 'GOGBOT' ( are all we can wish for! And to collaborate with one of Province Overijssel's most culturally and socially impactful and iconic events of the year is a cherry on top of our passion for content creation! Gogbot is designated by the province as an event that gives Overijssel color with its (inter) national image, wide media reach, and high-quality presentation of technology, innovation, art, and music! With this year's theme Quantum Supremacy - in the Age of Pandemic, the festival was presenting works of art in public spaces of the city of Enschede as well as at several festival locations in the city giving its visitors discoveries such as:

●    the giant robots of Jelle de Graaf

●    the digital paintings of the British artist Markos Kay (, who portrays the complexity of the quantum world with computer models

●    the SPACEBAR ( which in addition to being a cyberpunk cafe is also a portal to the "Museum of the Future" - a gigantic exhibition in the WARP Technopolis ( building

●    and with this year's highlight being the installation ‘Cluster’ - a combination of light, sound, and perception of the Spanish collective ‘Playmodes’ (, GOGBOT brought again an international flagship of attention to the table!

Our decisions during the production of the official aftermovie were mainly reasoned by the dedication of our team to give the theme and artists the attention they deserve and making visitors relive it all the way! So for everyone who could not witness the festival themselves: we hope the aftermovie will keep you motivated and inspires to make sure you join us next year!

We thank the partners and sponsors that made this experience possible in the first place:


Performing Arts Fund NL -

FONDS 21 -

Province Overijssel -

Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds -

Mondriaan Fonds -

City of Enschede -

And many more!

Our special thanks of course go to Planet Arts Medialab for their trust and this inspiring collaboration! -

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Art Direction: 
Tom Hoesstee