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When consumers encounter a product and its design and identity the very first time they tend to imagine themselves using it and with that imagination comes an entire experience.

That very stream of thoughts is what brands can identify and tune into to create a connection between their product and its potential buyers. This connection has the highest success when done visually! For this production, we amplified the characteristics of the user by complimenting him and her with 3D animations and Visual Effects. The final series was then also captured in photographs for multiple promotional purposes such as magazine prints.

We are very satisfied with our final results for Hartman Outdoor Products B.V. | Hartman Indoor Products B.V. 's international product campaign ‘I am Sophie’ or in Spain ‘Soy Sophie’. They perfectly showcase the strength of New Imaging Co. when it comes to combining multiple services and achieving unique results. In this case, our visual craftsmen at delivered a perfect unity between photography and 3D rendering.

SKOR facilitates and inspires sports clubs and players with the best sports materials, team clothing and fashion. To offer you and your club the optimum sports experience, our products meet the highest quality standards. You see that and you feel it!

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