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As a Junior Project Manager, we expect you to be overviewing projects, managing both creatives and clients. While being supervisor by our senior Project Managers.

→  Description

→  Our offer

-A passionate and dynamic team

-An industry standard salary

- Various possibilities for growth

-Top of class IT infrastructure

-Open and informal working culture

-Personal support, such that you can excel

-AAA clients

→  Future team mates

  • All aboutcommunication, whether through emails, calls, daily check-ins, or team meetings
  • Not scared of ccommunicating with key stakeholders
  • Dares to speak out and issue identification and resolution
  • Hasa sense of budgeting which means he or she thrives for finding a fair balancebetween the client's wallet and your team's right of rewards
  • Builds Teams as healthy as his or her ownfriendships tokeep them productive and happy
  • Responsible, accountable, deeply passionate abouttheir own personal interests and hobbies, and of course kind, compassionate andempathetic because you love the magic of collaboration
  • Bonus: Speaks Dutch

→  Our Expectations

  • Communicating with the members of our team regularly to determine the status of various projects and potential roadblocks that will need to be resolved
  • Regularly updating key stakeholders on project progress and ensuring that the project still aligns with changing company initiatives
  • Having and affinity to weekly or monthly reports, regularly updated dashboards, or quick emails, calls, or meetings
  • Regardless of the medium, getting comfortable communicating with data as an essential skill
  • Reviewing budgets each regularly to ensure the project does not exceed resource allocations. This includes reviewing, processing, and approving invoices from outside vendors if the project includes such partnerships
  • Executing team-building exercises designed to boost morale, particularly after challenging weeks or phases of a project. Organizing a weekly lunch or happy hour is one such example.

→  The Mission

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