Rent space

in our beloved studio

Our studio is open, bright, green and equipped with the newest technologies and a perfect balance between intense working spaces and reflection spaces such as a lounge corner and a bar!

Because true designers let their lifestyle accompany our craft, don't be surprised to bounce into one or the other random but very personal artifact.

Check out the pictures below! 

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Our recent strategic digital work

Limbo Rental, Bar, Restaurants on Premises, Top Location, Mail Service, Coffee and Tea, Soft Drinks, Fridge Space, 24H Access, Cleaning Service, Wireless internet

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Flex Desk

Join our pool of flex desks, hook up to one of our monitors, grab a coffee and connect to other creatives! 

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Fixed Desk

Create your own space, make it personal, 24h access. Grab you coffee any time and connect with our teams.

Try us in 2023 and get
3 months for the price of 2!

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