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Geospin is a rapidly growing spatial intelligence startup. LIA, their newly launched AI assistant, helps their customers make sense of their complex data patterns to inform a variety of business and civic decisions, such as placing a new park in a high foot traffic area or buying property in a briskly developing neighborhood. Geospin wanted to introduce LIA to the world with a striking new video, complete with impressive 3D animations that show off their complex data handling abilities and demonstrate the many ways LIA can be of service.

Video drone footage, Google Maps metadata, and Geospin’s own location intelligence data all had to be mapped onto each other to create the intricate 3D world shown in the video. Not only that, we also had to make sure that all the various software programs involved could interact with each other on this project despite interpreting 3D data in completely different ways.

As Geospin didn’t yet know their art direction, several style shots were created to determine the video’s graphic style, color usage, and overall visual direction. This allowed us to lock in a clear visual language early on, while also giving Geospin an idea of what the animations and 3D rendering would look like in the final product.

Despite the challenges - or perhaps even because of them - we managed to deliver an outstanding video that boasts custom-modeled 3D elements, impressively smooth transitions, and bespoke sound effects. In fact, Geospin loved their new video so much that we cheered for it digitally to celebrate our joint success. Thank you Creative Mules for being the design partner we wished for.

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Art Direction: 
Tom Hoesstee