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The Centauro ST

Product Reveal

Vredestein has announced the introduction of the Centauro range of radial sport-touring tires available in the first quarter of 2020 with this New Imaging Co. production. With technical experience and a 110-year tradition behind it, Vredestein's Centauro models and solutions offer the highest technical excellence, including a high-tech tire pressure monitoring system.

The Centauro ST radial tire for sport touring has been designed for use in the atmospheric conditions and temperatures common to the European continent. The multi-radial profile is developed to guarantee safety and stability in all load conditions, as well as uniformity of wear throughout the life of the tire. The optimized structure with zero-degree steel belt ensures high-quality dynamic behavior in all conditions, even at maximum speed and with the maximum angle of inclination.

To make it highly versatile and suitable for different types of use, the Centauro ST has been tested in a wide range of climatic conditions on European and Indian circuits. How to possibly emphasize even more on these benefits? Well by what about showing these tires doing their job even out in space? You imagine we make it happen!

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