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Breadvan Hommage

Creative Sparks

We present to you a very independent and demanding story. The short-movie ‘Breadvan Hommage’ is about a journey without an end! As a result of the trust and support of 'Niels van Roij Design', this production is written, directed, and produced in-house, so with no strings attached, no corporate briefings, and no creative limitations. We took the opportunity of van Roij’s latest and fully bespoke design of an Italian V12 based sports car - the Breadvan Hommage and portrayed his journey and emotions as the designer he is when becoming one with his craft. This production demanded cinema standards of cinematography. So when your story screams for heavy gear what do you do? You listen! Highly equipped and organized our New Imaging Co. team set the first stepping stone into the movie industry as a powerful partner to work with!

We thank our partners 'Vredestein Tyres', 'Koni', and 'Niels van Roij Design' for their trust and collaborative support!

About Niels van Roij Design:

Niels van Roij Design conceived the one-off Shooting Brake made on a Tesla Model S and recently presented Adventum Coupe, a luxurious coachbuilt SUV. Silver Spectre Shooting Brake, designed on the chassis of the pinnacle of luxury motorcars, was also added to the Niels van Roij Design portfolio mid-2020. The Breadvan Hommage, a fully bespoke design, based on a V12 powered Italian sports car, is the most recent Niels van Roij Design creation. Various other tailor-made vehicles on different platforms are currently being designed and constructed.

In addition to his car design work, Niels van Roij writes articles and publishes on strategic automotive design. He is also a visiting tutor for various academies and universities worldwide. His work is exhibited internationally, including at the London Transport Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum. Van Roij was part of the 10 Downing Street Design Summit with British Members Of Parliament and delivers keynotes and master classes around the world, where he is widely recognised as an inspiring and motivating speaker.

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Art Direction: 
Tom Hoesstee